Dealer: Geri Wurth
Business Name: Night Kitchen Vintage
Founded: 2009
Formerly sold at: Good Ju Ju 2009 - 2014, manager 2013 - 2014, Thistle  2010 - 2011, co-owner
email:  Phone:  816-585-8589
Style: Mid-century, retro, bohemian; mixing vintage with modern.
Bio: "I have been scouring estate sales and vintage shops all my life in search of the... perfect concrete gnome. I absolutely cannot turn down a vintage coffee mug or an old book. I love to re-do furniture and do my best to keep the piece within the context of it's era and color palette.

What the HECK does Night Kitchen mean?  See Mickey and the Night Kitchen (Maurice Sendak)  

When my oldest son was 5, I stayed home with him on a cold winter day.  We read Mickey and the Night Kitchen (a book about a boy piloting a plane high over a magical city at night.  He pours milk from his plane into a magical kitchen below)  John and I decided to make our own 'Night Kitchen."  We assembled spice cans, a coffee can, a pepper mill and a wax milk carton on top of an old wood TV tray.  He drew gray concrete roads.  We made our own magical city."